Lotus Palace – A redefined living in aesthetics of ultramodern amenities

Lotus Palace – A redefined living in the aesthetics of ultramodern amenities Ever since you saw Buckingham Palace, its beauty might have mesmerized you since then and ignited a desire to live like the Queen and the Royals. What if you desire of living in such a grand place comes true! Here is once in a lifetime opportunity to own a living place that is built on the lines of Buckingham Palace – Lotus Palace. 
An abode which mixes and matches ultra-modern amenities with royal aesthetics. Living in a grand palace should resemble extraordinary ambiance and amenities – we call these ultra-modern amenities. Right from the grand exteriors to intricate interiors at Lotus Palace we have crafted everything that brings the aesthetic feel. The imported teak wood doors, to original Italian sanitary ware in every design and decoration modules you are going to find elegance expected from a royal style of the living place.
Now, why do we add a modern touch with golden archetypical design? One of the many reasons is to bridge the present time with the palatial amenities of the past. When you look at the archaic design of the facade you feel a sense of pride to own a palace. At the same time, you need to find yourself physically fit to keep enjoying the grand living for years on and that demands an ultra-facility, gymnasium, hygienically maintained swimming pool, health care facilities etc. – all have been made available in Lotus Palace.
Think about the connectivity that every grand palace enjoys or about the surroundings that need to be like with a palace. Keeping these things in mind, the Lotus is built on sarjapur road, Bangalore, which is well connected with the rest of the city and the world. It has world-class hospitals and international education institutes nearby. It is well connected with corporate corridors, international airport, and first-class road transportation’s.

Lotus Place is committed to delivering an everlasting experience with amenities woven around a royal hub of aesthetic and modern amenities. You do not need to be a king or a queen to bask in the royal coziness of a palatial abode – Lotus Palace.

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